In Vehicle. From the Desert Airport of Atacama. From Bus Terminal in Caldera :

Indications :

Route 5 north, kilometer 875.7 return road to Bahía Inglesa.
Go down 5 kilometers towards the coast.

Take the south (left), route C-302 coastal road towards Puerto Viejo.
Continue 6 kilometers along the route .

The accommodation is located between Rocas Negras and Morro Ballena .
One hundred meters after the announcement "Paleontological Park" , go down to the beach 50 meters.

From the Desierto de Atacama airport , the Transfer travels to Caldera or to the accommodation.

* In the town of the cabins there is no trade. If you do not have a vehicle, we suggest you stock up at the Unimarc Supermarket in Caldera, indicating the transfer to this destination. It is located four blocks from the bus terminal.

The buses or taxis are located outside the bus terminal and the Unimarc Supermarket , they go to the cabins with the indications.

To move from or to the cabins , we have cell phone numbers of buses or taxis.

Duration of the trip to the cabins:

From route 5 north kilometer 875.7 - 10 minutes.
From the Desierto de Atacama airport - 20 minutes.
From Caldera - 12 minutes.

We send the location of the cabins through whatsapp to follow the directions of Maps or Waze .